Intelligent @ InnovAtion

Design Sketch

Display Area: intelligent @ innovAtion

embedded world China (ewChina) is the first landing of embedded world, aiming to create a platform for top global technologies and products in embedded industry, and provide a link between market and suppliers in China. Besides basic exhibiting booth, the organizer planned on-site displaying area: intelligent @ innovAtion, a particular oppotunity for centralized demostration to professional trade visitors.
- Display area, designed and constructed by organizer, fitting for 12-15 exhibitors, seats are limited;
- Link between academic technologies and application fields, an overall showcasing;
- In the eye-catching location of exhibition hall, attracting more visitors by official pre-warmup advertising. 

Key Benefits
- Right next to the Exhibitor's Forum, it gathers the most focus of the whole exhibition;
- Pre-construction by the organizer, uniformed decoration will attract visitors' attention on technology and product;
- Demo topics by exhibitors, pre-warmup publishing on organizer's official website and WeChat account, more professional trade visitors drop by on purpose;
- Method of displaying: materials+video intro, with demo and introduction, an overall showcasing to visitors.
- Best choice of new technologies and products release/launch.

Topics for intelligent @ innovAtion
- 5G technology
- Automotive Electronics, Auto Pilot
- AIoT
- Industrial Control
- Embedded Systems in Medic
- Intelligent Management of Energy, etc.

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