ewChina Conference | First Program Committee Meeting

embedded world China 2022 is coming soon
As the focus of the global embedded industry, embedded world Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany, not only attracts the world's most important manufacturers and high-end buyers to the exhibition every year.  With its cutting-edge and innovative professional academic leads, embedded world Conference, which is held in parallel with the exhibition, has been committed to provide opportunity of direct dialogue and discussion between engineers, developers and high-end users in the field of embedded systems, creating more value and driving the industry forward on this platform.

With nearly 20 years of experience in Europe, the conference has attracted Chinese and international experts from leading application universities , as well as industry associations from Europe and the Americas to join the Programme Committee. The Program Committee will review submitted technical papers, organize relevant online or offline industry salons. As the organizer of exhibition, we will also share the latest industry information to the industry, so as to make promotion and development of the embedded industry.

In the upcoming embedded world China 2022, being held in Shanghai, the Conference has also established a Program Committee of Chinese and international embedded industry experts. The Program Committee will review submitted technical papers, also organise relevant online or offline industry salons on a regular basis other than the exhibition. As the organizer of exhibition, we will also share the latest industry information to the industry, so as to make promotion and development of the embedded industry.

First Program Committee meeting of embedded world China Conference 2022
After all members settled, 10 experts and professors from Chinese and International embedded industry authorities, universities and colleges, as well as leading enterprises have joined the Program Committee of embedded world China Conference 2022, the Committee members are:
1. Prof. Axel Sikora (Conference Chairman / Offenburg University / Hahn-Schickard, Germany)
2. Prof. Peter Fromm (Professor Hochschule Darmstadt)
3. Prof. Marcel Meli (Head of Research Area (Low Power Wireless Embedded Systems) at the ZHAW Institute of Embedded Systems, Switzerland)
4. Mr. Marc Karasek (Chair of the Embedded SIG, RISC-V Foundation)
1. Prof. He Xiaoqing  (Secretary in Chief of Embedded System Association, )
2. Prof. Fei Minrui  (PhD supervisor, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee, Shanghai University)
3. Prof. Ding Zhigang (Deputy Director of Science and Technology Committee, Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Centre)
4. Prof. Teng Huaqiang (Director, Shanghai Institute of Instrumentation)
5. Prof. Hou Weiyan (School of Information Engineering, Zhengzhou University)
6. Prof. Zheng Changlu (Council Member of China Mining Safety Society, GM of Shanghai Shen Chuan Electric Co., Ltd.)

On 17, March, the first Program Committee meeting was held online, the organizer of exhibition gave warm welcome speech to the member.

Welcome message from Mr. Darren Guo, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.
"We'd like to start by saying thanks to Prof. Sikora, the Chairman of the Program Committee, and thanks to all the members and our partner. We're honored, on behalf of NürnbergMesse Group, to have all your support to the upcoming embedded world China 2022. We do believe the development of embedded industry is booming, but the interchange between China and the world is lacking due to the pandemic. We are trying to strengthen the bond between IInternational and Chinese industry in this regard, that's why we are very glad to have you in the circle like this, consisting of different experts to help us, as the platform provider, to do a major favor to the industry, and serve the industry in the way that the industry needed!"

Welcome message from Ms. Jesse Zhao, Deputy Managing Director of Informa Markets Creativity
"First of all, we'd like to express our gratitude to Prof. Sikora and all the Committe members for all your hard work and efforts for the coming exhibition and conference in China. As the co-organizer, we have received many positive feedback from exhibitors about embedded world China, since the kickoff in last September. More than 100 exhibitors and sponsors are expected to showcase their technologies and products, including world's leading companies' China branch. They have already put the partcipation plan in their schedule. It's known to all that the embedded world Conference is a prestige event of the industry and that would be an important step to make China a part of it. So they are looking forward to meet experts all over the world. China is still under the impact of COVID-19, our team is working very hard to ensure everything on schedule and expecting to seeing you soon in Shanghai."

The Committee members then introduced themselves in turn, followed by Prof. Axel Sikora, the conference chairman, introduced the background of the conference and the task of the Committee. The Program Committee is an academic value-driven think-tank that uses its years of experience in work and insights to anticipate and guide the market and industry trends, giving a voice to industry colleagues and empowering the industry.

Experts and professors who join the Program Committee will also become honorary members of the 20th anniversary of the embedded world Exhibition and Conference, as well as members of "WEKA FACHMEDIEN", the global well-known embedded industry media and magazine in Germany. The Program Committee members' articles will be published in the WEKA's channles as priority, and they will also have the opportunity to be invited as speakers, moderators or taking other important roles at the embedded world China Conference. Upon the first meeting, the Committee will hold several working sessions each year other than the exhibition, they will have chances to visit major events in the embedded industry around the world.

The first phase of  call-for-papers of embedded world China Conference is now complete and the experts will soon begin reviewing abstracts and informing authors whether to proceed to the full paper.