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2023 embedded world China Conference
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Topics for 2023 embedded world China Conference


Internet of Things - Platforms & Applications

Edge / Fog / Cloud Computing

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) in Industrial IOT

Data Management and Analytics

Application Case Studies for IOT


Connectivity Solutions

Wired Technologies (fieldbuses, embedded connectivity)

Wireless Technologies (LPWAN,…)

Cellular Communication / NB-IoT / 5G / 6G

ZigBee, Bluetooth

Embedded Ethernet


Embedded OS

Embedded RTOS (AutoSAR, FreeRTOS, …)

Open Source / Embedded Linux / Android

Embedded Virtualization, Separation and Hypervisors


Safety & Security

Safety and Security Standards

Safety and Security Architectures

Hardware Security

Cryptography and Hacking

Trusted Computing and Blockchain Technologies

Securing Embedded Communication


Board Level Hardware Engineering

Advanced Microcontroller Solutions, Multicore

Memory Technologies

Power Management, Low-Power Design

Free and Open Hardware

Supply Chain


Systems & Software Engineering

Development Processes, Methods and Tools

Programming Languages and Standards, MISRA

System and Software Architectures

Code Qualification, Static Code analysis, Testing

System and Software Quality


Embedded AI & Intelligent Systems

Hardware Solutions for Embedded AI

Software Frameworks and Libraries

Embedded Vision / Cameras

Sensor Systems, Integration & Fusion

Embedded AI and Applications

Autonomous & Intelligent Systems (cars,…)

AI Application Case Studies


Embedded Human-Machine-Interface

Usability and HMI Design

Embedded Graphic Libraries

Gesture and Voice Recognition

Augmented Reality


System-on-Chip Design

Emerging complex IC and System solutions

FPGA and ASIC design

Free and Open Hardware (RISC-V, …)

Digital Design, Architectures and Solutions

Trusted Electronics & Secure Elements


Cross-Domain Topics and Application Use Cases for embedded Technologies

Open Source

High Performance Embedded Architectures

Embedded Solutions for Medical

Embedded Solution for Automotive

Contributions will be selected based on the following criteria:
    - novelty
    - technological soundness
    - technological significance
    - ​experience of the speaker
The selection will be executed by a program committee. The members of the program committee are experienced senior embedded engineers and researchers with excellent scientific and business records.

Presentation slides will be distributed to registered attendees after the event.
Novel Ideas:
The above list represents just a selection of the topics covered. You are welcome to submit additional interesting suggestions related to the respective topics.
The conference language is English and Chinese.
No Promotion:
Promotional or marketing-oriented presentations or pure product descriptions will not be accepted.
Submissions to embedded world China Conference 2022 should not have been published previously in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference, nor should it be currently under review or consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.
Talks shall be presented by speakers with strong public presentation skills and subject matter expertise. The program committee reserves the right to cancel a contribution's acceptance, if the speaker, the subject or the content of the contribution was changed compared to the original sub- mission.
Please make your submission via the link here!


embedded world China

  • Date:2023.6.14-16
  • Opening hours:2023.6.14-15 9:00-17:00
    2023.6.16 9:00-16:00
  • Venue:Hall 3, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
    (No. 850, Bocheng Rd. Pudong New District, Shanghai, China)